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​Indoor Signboard_Floor Panel Series Signboard Product Introduction



​Indoor three-dimensional characters series

● It is recommended to construct by yourself or install the signboard 123 generation

● Material selection: acrylic, stainless steel, wood, composite material

● Discount: another 20% discount for self-construction



​Indoor three-dimensional characters + floor series

● It is recommended to construct by yourself or install the signboard 123 generation

● Text material: acrylic, stainless steel, wood, composite material

● Floor material: imitation wood grain, imitation stone, cloth grain, metal



​Indoor luminous characters series

● It is recommended to install the signboard 123 generation

● Material selection: acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy

● Discount: another 20% discount for self-construction



​Indoor metal iron plate cutting series

● It is recommended to install the signboard 123 generation

● Material selection: iron plate, stainless steel plate, acrylic

● Discount: 20% discount for Rusty Iron Industrial Style



​Interior custom signs

● It is recommended to construct by yourself or install the signboard 123 generation

● Material selection: acrylic, stainless steel, wood, composite material

● Discount: another 20% discount for self-construction



Modeling custom small sign series

● It is recommended to construct by yourself or install the signboard 123 generation

● Material selection: acrylic, stainless steel, wood, composite material

● Discount: another 20% discount for self-construction

Learn more about our service details and precautions for [indoor signboards]

​1.What is the production time of indoor signboards?

Once the production is confirmed, we follow the different signboard styles. Non-metallic products are usually produced within 3-10 working days, and metal products are usually shipped within 3-15 working days.

​2. If the indoor signboard chooses DIY construction, how will the shipping cost be calculated?

According to our service area, we provide free shipping in the following areas: Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and other areas.

3. What is the minimum order quantity for indoor signboards?

Our minimum order quantity is one set, and if there are two or more sets, we will give the greatest discount based on the quantity.

4. Is there a warranty for indoor signboards?

All indoor signboards will be repaired or updated free of charge if it is not a personnel factor and is within our warranty.

​We provide the most indoor signboards, company house numbers, LOGO signboards, indoor image walls and other related services

​Kaichuang Advertising Indoor Signboard Service Content

●We can help you analyze the installation conditions of indoor signboards, favorite similar signboard styles, signboard size suggestions, price analysis, maintenance instructions... and other related services

●Provide a variety of indoor signboards with different price styles for reference

●Provide fully customized interior signboard or image wall planning,

Many indoor signboard styles must meet a number of current production conditions, let us give you the best advice.

Matters needing attention for indoor signboards

● Indoor signboards. Our company's planning direction is [mainly space, supplemented by signboards] . Signboards have become the focal point of vision, but if they fail to integrate with the space, it will cause visual clutter and image loss.

● Because indoor signboards are usually located closer to the line of sight and are easily touched, the texture and craftsmanship of indoor signboards must be considered more than that of outdoor signboards . As for the size of indoor signboards, it should be determined by the space, and should not be too large to cause oppression or It is too small to highlight the golden size ratio of the space to the signboard.

KCDesign is an expert in indoor signage, company signage and office signage.

Planning an indoor image signboard for your company or business is no longer a need or need. In today's business and business world, having a good interior image sign is extremely important for your brand image.

So the question is, what is the difference between an indoor signboard or company signboard and an outdoor signboard? What should be paid attention to in design and planning?

Acrylic is usually one of the most popular indoor sign materials, especially indoor sign materials used for corporate purposes. Its high gloss surface reflects a sense of quality and success. Acrylic signs are light in weight, thin and easy to install and maintain. What really makes these acrylic signs stand out is the "fixture". Highly polished gold and silver accessories give your sign an exquisite three-dimensional level. Composite plastic signboards are also the first choice for indoor signboards. They are both lightweight and affordable. If properly configured, the signboards can enhance the corporate image and not go against the space. The material characteristics are strong and durable, easy to use screws, double-sided tape, Adhesives or fixed accessories we choose for you to install.

You can choose a variety of materials provided by KCDesign to make your indoor signs add points to your brand . We focus on many interior wall sign elements, such as acrylic, PVC, foam characters, 3D acrylic engraved characters, metal cutting, metal characters, titanium characters. No matter which option you choose, we will analyze and suggest how to choose and match it for you, to show that the brand is integrated into the indoor signboard to make the space and the brand echo, so that the indoor signboard is invisible to your entrepreneur.

Analysis of the main materials and prices of indoor signboards

​1.How to choose the acrylic floor indoor signboard?

Acrylic indoor signboards are a bonus or promotion for any company, counter or lobby brand. Acrylic, also known as acrylic, has a crystal-like appearance, and the weight, material, and even processing are very easy. If you want to add a commercial or brand atmosphere to the wall, choosing acrylic for indoor signs is definitely the first choice for high quality and low price.

​2.How to choose indoor acrylic three-dimensional signboard?

Acrylic panels are used for CNC engraving or laser laser cutting to form acrylic crystal letters, acrylic spray paint letters, or LOGO signs, and even local metal or wood can be used to express uniqueness. In terms of installation, our company also provides installation papers and teaching, which can help you save 1,000 to 3,000 yuan in installation and construction costs in an environment of price considerations.

3.How to choose a metal panel indoor signboard?

Metal floor indoor signboards are the first choice for expressing texture. The metal reflection principle is used to fully reflect the atmosphere of the metal, so that the signboard blends into the environment and does not violate the harmony. The metal signboard can also be partially painted or painted on the surface to change the brand color or corporate image. The components are brought into the signboard to stand out anywhere in the room. For offices or business premises, metal can be used as a plaque, company house number, company signboard. As long as the metal is not treated with special construction methods, it is definitely a high-CP price choice.

4. How to choose indoor metal signboards?

Metal indoor signboards are divided into solid and hollow. The solid core is used in the size of 5~10CM and the thickness is 1~10MM. Our company adopts 3M tape to cut and cover the glue to deal with it. There will be no flaws in the appearance of glue leakage. Hollow is used for sign fonts or LOGO above 10CM height, and the bottom is filled with composite board or foam. The installation depends on the bottom material and uses Silicone or structural glue, AB glue, quick-drying cement and other materials to adhere and fix. The surface of the metal signboard can also be painted or coated with titanium to enhance the texture. Although the price of the metal sign is on the upper side, the value of the metal sign is definitely higher than the price. It is definitely your first choice for perfection.

5. What are the key points to pay attention to for illuminated indoor signboards?

Generally, the indoor signboard luminous body is usually a two-pole luminous body LED light source body, which is divided into font shell, panel light-emitting type, and bottom plate halo. The luminous characters are rich and personalized, making the signs more in line with the needs, and launching an important publicity role for enterprises, businesses, and exhibition venues. Commonly used are 3D acrylic characters, mini characters, aluminum edge characters, resin characters stainless steel characters, punching lamp characters, acrylic characters, iron paint characters, crystal lamps and so on. The structure is divided into metal or acrylic. When choosing this product, you must pay attention to whether the installation environment meets the installation conditions, such as whether the power cord can be concealed, whether there is maintenance space, and whether there is a place to hide the transformer.
Supplementary note:
[Shell luminous characters] Use metal edging such as stainless steel, aluminum edging or aluminum-plastic edging. The combination of edge and surface is the main reason that affects the appearance. Use glue or riveting to strengthen the fixation. The panel is made of transparent acrylic.

[Acrylic integrally formed luminous characters] It is completely cut from the acrylic board and glued with chloroform, built-in LED light source product.

[Polymer liquid luminous characters] Resin surrounds the edges, allowing the edges to be naturally combined with the surface, and the thickness of the resin layer can be controlled. The light transmittance of the same light source is about twice as high as that of the acrylic sheet.

[Colorful aluminum edge strips with luminous characters] One side of the aluminum fiber edge strips is made of epoxy resin and fiber composite and naturally combined with surface resin, neat and beautiful. The amount of fabric color paste and the thickness of the color paste layer can be controlled. Similarly, the light transmittance of the light source is about twice as high as that of the acrylic sheet.

6.What are the dimensions of indoor signboards?

Although most signboard companies have set a fixed size for your indoor signboard size, we provide various sizes of indoor signboards in reverse. KCDesign's indoor signboard has a maximum size of 150x300cm in a single integrated molding. If you need a larger indoor signboard, please rest assured! Please tell us, we will provide you with custom signs in any size you need. The recommended most popular sizes are as follows:

  • 30cmx60cm

  • 60cmx90cm

  • 60cmx60cm

  • 60cmx120cm

  • 90cmx90cm

  • 90cmx120cm

  We have customized more cutting shapes for indoor signs than any other sign company!

7. What are the installation costs and construction methods of indoor signboards?

  • We can provide installation services (installation and construction costs 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan), and can also assist you in DIY installation and construction.

  • We provide installation kits and accessories to help you smoothly install on wood, metal, cement, and masonry.

  • We provide a variety of rolling brackets for hanging your indoor signs.

  • We can customize the location of the fixed point to simplify the construction process.

  • Beautify screws can be used to achieve the polishing effect.

  • Adhesive backing is provided on both small and light signs.

8. How to calculate the price of indoor signboards?

Our service staff will first collect the style of the sign you choose, and then give the correct quotation.

The basic cost of making indoor signs is at least 2,000 yuan. (Installation fee is extra)

9. How to maintain and maintain indoor signboards?

Why do we have to ask this question? Because this question is especially important in the later use process. If you don’t understand the maintenance and maintenance work between use and time, it is easy to cause the damage of the luminous characters and the phenomenon of non-luminescence. Then We should pay attention to these aspects in the later maintenance

1. Use a dry thing to remove the debris on it, don't try to apply it with watery things.

2. During maintenance, do not try to move the installed one, otherwise it will easily cause the power cord to be broken or the fixed words to shift.

The above two aspects must be paid attention to in the later maintenance process.

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