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Understand that the material determines the variability of the index, and the construction method determines the production cost

In recent years, because many companies do not understand, they have their own design team to perform index planning, but we must explain that it is right to use existing resources to create maximum value in accordance with the business concept. However, in general, their own design teams focus on marketing, branding, and vision. And exist. It is true that the visual and spatial indicators have a slight edge, but the indicator functionality, maintenance, replacement, and the most important production cost considerations are generally lacking in the design team.
For example, the public believes that the cost of aluminum sheet should be lower than that of stainless steel, but whether the post-processing cost of aluminum sheet (cutting, anode, surface treatment....) is considered, it will be much higher than the former, the focus is on maintenance and durability. Huge difference.
Kaichuang started to learn from cooperating with many international index design companies. Of course, we will also suggest some ideas for designers. After all, production resources vary from place to place. It is our competitiveness to take root in design and then cut into the field of design. Welcome calls from companies or enterprises. Suggestions, and welcome the relevant design team to come and exchange information.

Indoor and outdoor index engineering / design / production / installation

Construction projects, restaurants, department stores, hospitals, public institutions...
House number, room number plate, floor guide index, space index, escape line chart...

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