【Large Advertising Sign Project】

Kaichuang Advertising has the ability to integrate production and construction, design thinking, modeling concepts, structural concepts, and lighting plans to do the best. Image signs, large-scale advertisements, exterior wall signs, site signs, contracting + planning and design + drawing and fitting + production and installation.
To design, you must have a basic purchase concept before the design can be implemented. Legal regulations, structural safety, environmental impact, and future maintenance must be considered when planning and design.....welcome project invitations and design competition drawings.


[Appreciation of corporate image and signboard performance]

Design, production and installation of construction projects, restaurants, department stores, and corporate signs.

Landing index image signboards, large signboards on external walls, large signboards on the top floor, project contracting


Yilan Traditional Art Village_The Master Hotel

●Indicator contract production ●Assisted design & contract production of front signboard at entrance ●Large-scale signboard contracting on the top floor

新竹TFC ONE台肥大樓

Hsinchu TFC ONE Taifei Building

High-floor large-scale advertising sign project production + installation


Xinzhuang Crystal Crown Plaza

Planning and production of large-scale advertising on the top floor of Jingguan Plaza


Yonglian Logistics Development

●Planning and design of signs and signs at the entrance ●Development and production of operational indicators


Xindian Jingcai Hotel

●Planning and design of the index signboard of the whole hall​ ●Design and production of the entrance facade​ ●Design and production of large vertical signboards​ ●Design and production of stage backboards​ ●Design and production of customized metal products


Shenshi Business Hotel

​●Outdoor advertising design for the opening of the whole hall​●Outdoor lighting design for the whole hall​●Outdoor lighting cover design ●Indoor index design for the whole hall​●Production of small objects in the room​●Printed matter​●Large image output in the hall


Creative marketing_xizhi future tree

Pre-sale house large signboard


Xizhi Far East World Center

Xizhi Far East World Center_Large Signboard Design + Production + Installation


Capital Hotel

●Index design contract production ●Operation index design contract ●Customized product design and development


Taipei Old Master Hotel-Lin Sen Branch

●Assisted design & contract production of outdoor & entrance signboards


Banqiao 435 Arts and Cultural Special Zone_Engineering & Design Standard

●Entire district index design contract production ●Entire district guide and explanation board ●Space marking signboard ●Space auxiliary index


Hongdu Lixing Hotel Chiayi

(Planned in cooperation with JJJAdvertising)
●Entire district index design planning ●Outdoor large-scale sign design planning


Industrial Research Institute Advertising Project

Industrial Research Institute Advertising Signage Project